Yale Medium Fire Safe

Behind keys, door locks, and safes there is Yale. When it comes to securing doors, windows, essential documents, and any other precious item, Yale got you covered with this best home safe. From Linus Yale who patented the pin tumbler lock that almost every modern lock uses this as their inspiration. That explains the quality of Yale locks. All of their products are perfect and designed to utmost perfection.

The brand also supplies safes that guarantee you of improved safety and security over your precious items. Today, we’ll be looking at Yale medium fire safe, which is one of their quality fire safes. 

Yale Medium Fire Safe Features

Let’s take a look at the features that sets this Yale YALYFM310FG2 medium fire safe aside from other fire safes in the market.

Fire resistance

When it comes to protecting your precious items against fire or simply having a fireproof safe, this Yale medium fire safe is up to the task. The safe is fire safe graded to NT fire 07-60p. With that rating, you get 60-minute fire resistant. Therefore, in case of emergency fires at home or work, you have a 60-minute guarantee of your valuables being safe. On top of that, you get a recommended insurance rating of £1,000 cash or £10,000 in valuables.

State-of-the-art digital touchpad

As technology progresses, everything is becoming digital. Well, Yale is not left behind. With this medium fire safe, you get to enjoy technology at its finest through its state-of-the-art digital touch screen keypad. Through the screen keypad, entering your password becomes flawless and also not forgetting the stylish look it gives to the safe. Another cool thing about the digital keypad is that it illuminates when touched and it supports silent input, meaning you can enter your code without noise or light.

1 billion digital combinations

With Yale, you are always sure of full protection over your precious items. Well, with this safe, you have more than one billion digital combinations of passwords that you can set. It is an excellent feature as it is impossible for a burglar to guess a password combination you have set. Moreover, you have the chance of setting any password combination you wish between 3-12 digits.

The safe also supports privacy number input. That means you can input the real code followed or preceded by random numbers that open the lock. The feature comes in handy, particularly when you feel someone is watching you while putting the code. Besides that, Yale provides you with a programmable one-time user code, which is ideal when you have visiting guests who may require to use the safe for a short time.

Robust steel lock and Epoxy sealed the shell

The construction of the safe is solid and made from steel to ensure the safe is secure against attacks. On top of that, the bolts measuring 2 x 18mm are made from steel, and the hinges are hardened for extra security. The shell of the safe is epoxy sealed giving the body double rust protection. This ensures the safe maintains its original colour for a long time. The bolts and hinges used in this Yale medium fire safe are tested and accredited to Korean and Swedish standards.

Master reset code

Locking your keys in the car places you in a very devastating situation. It even gets worse when your phone is locked inside the car with your car keys. That does not only happen in cars but also in safes; however, for safes, it’s not about locking the keys; rather it’s when there is a lockout that is devastating.

Yale Medium Fire Safe ensures you don’t find yourself in such a scenario. It’s because they provide you with a master reset code in case of a lockout. Furthermore, there is also an external 9V battery contacts that will provide power if the four AA battery run flat.

Fixing pack

Regardless of the position you want to situate your Yale medium fire safe, you will do it flawlessly. It’s because it comes with a fixing pack and instructions to guide you fix your safe anywhere you wish. You can fix it on the floor or even on the wall.

Time lock and lock-down

Any intruder trying to access your safe will experience a hard time. It’s because this Yale medium fire safe features a time lock that can be set from three to nine minutes. You may opt to extend it if the three minutes’ time lock span does not satisfy you.

Moreover, it features a lock-down period that can be set from one to forty-eight hours. That is an excellent time for a lock-down because you’ll have ample time to call for assistance. On top of that, the safe allows you to shut it down, and it will not be active again for a given period. Through this, you are guaranteed of keeping your valuables safe especially when you are away and having other people staying in your residence.

Compact size and ideal dimensions

The Yale YALYFM310FG2 medium fire safe has the following external dimensions; length is 23.5 cm, height is 23 cm, and width is 34 cm. The size is perfect to fit most of your large or A4 documents. It weighs 28.6kgs. It might be a little bit heavy, but it is perfect for a medium fire safe.

Quality Brand, Quality Product: Yale Medium Fire Safe

There you have it, quality and detailed security at its finest. For two hundred years plus, Yale has been protecting our most prized possessions. This Yale medium fire safe is proof of the expertise they have collected over the years.

It is recognised as one of the most established brands and safe manufacturers in the world, but that does not compromise the technology they use. This Yale medium fire safe is a true definition of technology incorporated in a safe thanks to its digital touch screen keypad. When you purchase this safe, you’ll get a full package, that is one Yale YALYFM310FG2 medium fire safe and four AA batteries.

With this Yale medium fire safe, all your documents and valuables are safe and sound. Don’t be left out; get yourself one of these Yale certified safe.

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