Securikey Safes

Since 1973, Securikey has been supplying a comprehensive range of innovative safety and security products to many UK institutions and companies. All their products have met the most precise demands of specifications and assessments.

They offer a wide range of security and safety products; however, for today, we’ll focus on their safes. Securikey safes are designed to protect a wide range of valuable items such as money, jewellery, confidential documents, and larger items like mobile phones and power tools. Their safes are designed to cater for both private and commercial clients. On top of that, their products abide by the conventions of the safe custody of drug regulations.

Nonetheless, all their safes utilize the cash rating system, which offers you with the essential information that guides you through determining the ideal safe for your needs. Lastly, all the securikey safes come with different ratings based on their ability to prevent an attack like forced entry.

There is a bit of background information on Securikey safes. If that doesn’t make you feel convinced yet, take a look at some of their best safe products along with their specs.

  1. Securikey Mini Vault Gold FR Safe 1k 5th Gen

It is approved by the Association of Insurance Surveyors; therefore, it offers reliable and proven solutions to all your security needs at the office and home. It comes packed with fixing bolts that allow you to fit the safe on either the floor or the wall easily. Additional specs include;

  • Insurance approved a £4,000 cash rating and £40,000 valuables rating
  • Steel construction with double walls
  • Fire-resistant infill

  1. Securikey Mini Vault 3 Gold Fire Resistant Electronic

It features an electronic combination lock and a cash rating of £4,000 and £40,000 on valuables. The electronic lock is no ordinary lock as it features an advanced lock registration system that prevents any lockout situation. On top of that, you’ll get;

  • Double-walled construction with fire protection infill to DIN 4102
  • Weighs 62 kg – It has one shelf
  • External dimensions 470 x 435 x 405mm (HxWxD)

  1. Securikey Euro Grade 1 1015

This Euro grade safe comes with a 3-way square locking bolt-work that features continuous hinge side protection independently. The safe is tested and certified by the VDS test house. Additional features include;

  • The door opens to 180 degrees for easy access
  • Electronic locking option available
  • The door pan is locked to prevent tampering
  • Safe capacity of 17 litres and weighs 55 kg

  1. Securikey Euro Grade 0 Security safe model 0025K

It is one of the ‘big boys’ safe that Securikey manufactures. It provides £6,000 cash and £60,000 valuables. It is certified based on EN 1143-1; hence, ranking it as a grade 0 safe. With this safe, you have access to several lock options as well as a single security key lock. You’ll also get the following features;

  • External dimensions 395 x 405 x 345 mm, internal dimensions 334 x 355 x 225mm (HxWxD)
  • Offers up to 30-minute fire protection
  • Supplied with one adjustable shelf
  • Comes fitted with base and rear fixing holes
  • Safe capacity 27 litres and weighs 91 kg

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