Secret Compartment Table

Secret compartment tables are now here with us. They are ideal for those who value discreetly hidden storage areas for valuables as well as privacy. Secret compartment tables have become popular over the years as they blend in and accentuates neighboring décor. Nevertheless, they are not conspicuous, and you can hide many of your valuables in front of other people without them noticing anything. On top of that, secret compartment tables combine fun and practicability for people. Nonetheless, they look aesthetically pleasing, and they come in several colour to match any décor style.

We’ve tried to come up with a list featuring some of the top-secret compartment tables in the market. They include the following;

  1. Casual Home 615-15 Kennedy End Table

It comes with a concealed drawer and concealment furniture for you to securely conceal your valuables. It features concealment storage in plain sight and a down—then-out concealment compartment which stays neatly tucked away until it’s unlocked. Other specs include;

  • Felt-lined drawer protects against scratches
  • Easy access lock design provides instant access
  • Classic end table design

  1. Casual Home 615-816 Lincoln Nesting End Tables

It’s another product from Casual Home that comes with a smooth gliding concealed top compartment that enables you to conceal your valuables securely. The table is made from solid wood to ensure longevity and lasting beauty. On top of that, you get the following features;

  • Felt-line drawer protects against scratches
  • Easy access magnetic trigger design that provides you with instant access when needed
  • An elegant nested design which hides home valuables in plain sight

  1. Zeny Coffee Table with Lift Top Hidden Compartment

It is a beautiful coffee table that features an adjustable height surface that offers you the perfect height for you when you are drinking your cup of coffee or working. Apart from its looks, it comes with hidden storage underneath the tabletop. Nevertheless, there is storage space below the tabletop to make it ideal for securely storing your valuables. Other features include;

  • Stable and durable as it is made from wood plates that ensure stability and durability
  • Large storage space
  • A rectangular outlook and one shelf which perfectly meets your demand of durability

  1. Lift Top Coffee Table

It seems coffee table with secret compartments is carrying the day. Well, the list continues with this coffee table by Bizzoelife. It is made out of an eco-friendly material known as the P2 class particleboard. Therefore, if you like keeping your environment clean, then this is the table to choose from. The lift-up tabletop extends and lifts up smoothly from 18 inches to 22 inches. That provides you with raised studying and working place. Below the tabletop, there is a hidden storage space with ample space for you to securely store your valuables. Additional specs include;

  • Simple to assemble: it comes with clear and easy to understand instructions. Assembly takes about 30 minutes
  • Round corner designs keeping children safe when playing around
  • Ample space in the hidden storage space which is about 4”H to keep your items secure and unnoticed

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