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Safes are innovative inventions that gave rise to most of the modern security devices. The primary use of safes, back in the days, was to save valuables like gold and jewelry. That has not changed even today as many people are using safes to keep valuable items away from thieves.

Safes are a lifetime investment; therefore, before purchasing one, it is crucial for you to know some of the top safe manufacturers as well as the types of safes. What you are going to keep in the safe, will help you know the type of safe you need. For you to make an informed decision when purchasing a safe, look at the following safe brands recognised around the globe.


Chubbsafes is one of the oldest safe manufacturers in the world. They have been providing solutions that offer protection for people’s valuables and cash for almost two hundred years. Their products are well-known around the globe for their exceptional combination of robustness and modern designs. 

Additionally, the brand uses the latest technological innovations to design safes that offer protection against fire, explosives, and burglary. All their products have been rigorously tested by international bodies that guarantee you the best security. The types of safes offered by Chubbsafes include deposit safes, fire safes, certified safes, hotel safes, home safes, storage cabinets, and vaults doors.


Honeywell manufactures innovative security solutions through their safes that meet the emerging consumer needs across the globe. Their safes are currently available in over seventy countries.

Their safes provide you with security over your valuable belongings, protection against damage or loss in events of floods, fires, and other natural disasters and not forgetting unauthorised invasion and intrusion. All their safes have undergone rigorous tests by international and independent bodies such as UL. The types of safes manufactured by Honeywell include fire and water chests, steel fire safes, steel security safes, executive and gun safes, cash and security boxes, and fire file cabinets.


Yale has been looking after people’s home and their valuable items for nearly two hundred years. The company didn’t stop at being the usual padlock at your door; they are now manufacturing safes that offer you peace of mind when keeping your valuables.

The company combines their years of experience in providing lock brands together with the latest technology to deliver safes that meet most of the demanding requirements. That is evident from their biometric fire safe, which features a biometric fingerprint scan reader. Apart from the biometric fire safe, other types of safes they manufacture include fire security safes, fire safes, security safes, guest safes, and essential safes.


It is one of the safe manufacturers that provides durable digitally secured safes. Their design safes for storing essential items, jewellery, and other valuable items. Their safes come with a posting slot with dimensions 150 x 16 mm that allows you to insert vital documents without opening the safe.

They design their safes with solid steel construction with a unique master key. When it comes to passwords, they allow you to choose between three to eight-digit combinations for the safest code combination. On top of that, VonHaus offers you with an extended two-year registration upon registration. The types of safes they offer include floor safes, key storage lock box, key cabinet safe, and household safe.



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