Grade 5 Safe

In Europe, there is a system in place known as the Eurograde system. The system is a security numbering system that is used to rate security safes that offer a high level of security to the owner’s cash and valuables. These Eurograde safes are designed to protect your valuables against burglary and theft. The rating of a safe is got by the safe undergoing exhaustive series of tests before being granted a certification known as EN1143 status.

There are several grades of safes starting from grade 1 or Eurograde 1 to grade 6 or Eurograde 6. Today, we’ll focus mainly on grade 5 safes. Once characteristic that sets the grade 5 safe apart from other safes grades is that they are fitted with two locks rather than one lock.

Best Grade 5 Safe Options

If you are looking to purchase a grade 5 safe, these are some of the ideal options for you.

  1. Chubbsafes Trident Grade 4-310

It comes with an insurance approval of £60,000, which translates to £600,000 valuables. It provides 60 minutes of fire protection to your valuables. And like any other Eurograde 5 safe, it comes with a dual key locking with the locks certified to EN 1300. Additional features that you’ll get include;

  • External dimension of 790 x 730 x 560mm (H x W X D)
  • Supplied with two adjustable or removable shelves

  1. Chubbsafes Trident Grade 4-600

It’s almost similar to the above safe. The only difference is that it is bigger than the one above. With this safe, you get cash rating of £60,000 and £600,000 on valuables. It also offers fire resistance for 60 minutes over your valuables. Other key specs that you’ll get include;

  • Dual locking with certified locks of EN 1300
  • Supplied with four shelves and two adjustable shelves
  • External dimensions 1850 x 880 x 740 mm
  • It weighs 1590 kg

  1. Chubb HomeSafe S2 size 50E

It offers combined fire and cash protection; hence, making it ideal for protecting valuables, cash, and important documents. For fire protection, it is certified by ECB and offers 30 minutes of fire resistance. For burglar protection, it is AIS approved (EN 14450). You’ll also get the following specs;

  • One shelf provided which is adjustable
  • It is ready prepared for fixing to the floor
  • It covers for £4,000 cash or £40,000 valuables

  1. AN8-Chubbsafes Proguard

It is designed to provide burglary protection thanks to the special barrier material. The innovations used in designing the safe makes it to have reduced wall thickness and increased interior capacity. Additional key specs include;

  • High-security electronic lock
  • The tree-way bolt work is constructed with solid steel bolts
  • Fitted with anti-drilling plates and active re-locker
  • Ergonomic soft-touch handle


  1. Pro First Eurograde 65

It is designed to protect your documents and valuables from burglary and fire. It has an insurance approval of £10,000 cash and £100,000 on valuables. It has three live locking bolts, which enhance its protection against theft. Other key specs include;

  • It has an insurance approval from the association of insurance surveyors
  • The interior safe comes as standard
  • External dimension 655 x 440 x 430mm
  • Internal dimension 577 x 364 x 301mm


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