Eurograde 1 Safe

Eurograde 1 safes are safes that are part of the Eurograde 1 range. These safes are ideal for home-owners and business owners who are looking for industry certified and European-tested safes. Eurograde 1 safes typically have a cash rating of £10,000 and £100,000 on valuables. Nonetheless, a euro grade 1 safe offers you an insurance cover of up to £10,000 on both commercial and domestic use.

What sets the Eurograde 1 safes from other safes include the electronic combination, choice of key, and biometric locking options. Nevertheless, the fireproof Eurograde 1 safes are capable of providing up to 129 minutes of fire resistance. Let’s now take a look at a collection of the best Eurograde 1 safes available in the market.

  1. Yale YSM/250/EG1 Certified Home Safe

It is a small Eurograde 1 safe ideal for home use. It comes with an electronic combination and a backup key in case you misplace your key.  Yale goes ahead and gives the safe an insurance approval of £2,000 on cash and £20,000 on valuables. That’s not all; the following are extra features that you’ll get;

  • The body construction is from secure silver and secured by design ratings
  • The LCD screen comes with 3 to 8-digit pin code
  • 22mm electronic locking bolt
  • Reinforced with armoured steel ant-drill plates
  • It can be fixed to the floor or wall

  1. Pro First Trustee 40 Eurograde 1 Key Lock Security Safe

Profirst brand fights for its space in the Eurograde 1 market by manufacturing the Trustee 40 Eurograde 1 Key Lock Security Safe. It is a value protection cabinet offers optimal break-ins safety and fire protection. Simmer down – below are more beneficial specs for you.

  • It has a double-bit lock with EN 1300 class A, which features keys
  • Dimensions 3000 x 420 x 390 mm (HXWXD)
  • Easy to mount as it comes packed with mounting materials

  1. Securikey Eurograde 1 1015

It comes with a 3-way square locking bolt-work with continuous hinge side protection. Apart from the regular tests, the safe has undergone independent tests and certified by VdS test house. For ease of access, Securikey ensured the safe opens to 180 degrees. Additional specs include;

  • Weighs 55 kg
  • External dimensions 410 x 335 x 300mm; internal dimensions 334 x 275 x 180mm
  • Safe capacity 17 litres

  1. Rottner Sydney40 Fire Safe

It is a Eurograde one safe known for its fire resistance capability. It’s made from thick double-walled steel, which is filled with fire-resistant concrete. The Sydney40 can withstand extreme fires for up to an hour. That’s not all; it is tested to LFS 60P standards. That indeed gives you peace of mind. Additional specs include;

  • Latest technology LCD digital lock along with twin metal bolts
  • Weighs 30 kg with a capacity of 21 litre
  • Comes with a fixing kit to help you to mount the safe on the wall

  1. Chubbsafes DuoGuard Grade 1 Eurograde Security Safe

Lastly, we have a safe from Chubbsafes. It comes with one adjustable shelf; hence, you can adjust it to fit any valuable item you want to store. Additional features include;

  • 60-minute fire protection
  • High-security double bitted key lock supplied with two keys

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