Custom Safes

Safes are now a popular security solution in the world, especially in residential homes. It’s because of the security measures that one can easily follow to protect their valuables. Speaking of security measures, there are now safes available in the market that you can customise to meet your needs. These safes are referred to as custom safes. Yes, these are tailor-made safes if that’s what you want to call them.

Safe manufacturers are now manufacturing these custom safes as they offer an excellent way of securing your possessions. These safes serve more or less as a concealed safe since it’s hard to recognise them. Since the custom safes are designed based on your requirements, you can have them as large capacity safe, safe vault, or even a custom car safe.

Why do you need a custom safe?

If you are wondering why you need something impenetrable as a safe to be customised, then the following reasons will help you see the sense of owning a customised safe.

1. They have a tremendous capability of providing extra protection

When you need to keep confidential information safe, the ordinary safes will not be up to the task in providing you with the additional security that you need. It’s because with a custom safe you can have personal security measures that no third party can crack easily. These measures include the use of several codes to unlock the safe either by use of modern electronic or the classic dial format.

The modern electronic format is commonly used in bespoke safes as they allow you to employ several codes that can be programmed into the keypad. Other key features include time delay functionality and an audit trail. That’s why most government buildings and banks use these custom safes.

2. Provide you with the space you need

If you are looking for an extra-large capacity safe, then a tailor-made safe is the best option for you by far. It’s because you can alter the interior design of the safe to have more than two compartments, all with their security clearance. The added compartments not only provide you with extra space but also offers additional security to a specific item.

3. They can be hidden in a specific area

Having a safe that is hidden in a particular area, has become a popular trend in most homes. Fortunately, thanks to custom concealed safes, people can now have safes that are hidden in a specific area. By them being hidden, acts as a way of beefing up the security of your possessions. It’s because a burglar cannot break into something he or she cannot sea

Safe manufacturers building custom safes

Safe and Vault company

The company designs any type or size of safe you want to your exact requirements and specifications. Most of the custom safes they manufacture are found in large retail groups, building societies, restaurant outlets, major postal companies, and banks. The brand also offers safe modification services to your bespoke safe.

SLS Security

It is one of the leading UK’s manufacturer in luxury and bespoke safes. Their bespoke safes are tailor-made to meet the client’s exact requirements and specifications. Moreover, their bespoke safes are available in any size, shape, and grade with a broad array of luxury interior features.

Dudley safes

Dudley safes manufacturers luxury, deposit, and bespoke safes all designed to your specific requirements. Additionally, the brand also offers euro graded to non-euro graded safes all of which Dudley Safes company can adapt and modify to suit your exact needs.


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