Brabantia b100

Are you looking for security and class on a post box? Look no further as the Brabantia b100 post comes in a unique design and offers you everything you need in a post box without spending a fortune.

Right from 1919, Brabantia has put all the expertise, knowledge, and experience into creating a robust and reliable post box. This starts all the way from the selection of raw materials used in making the post box to the finishing paint used on the body. The Brabantia b100 post box is one of their post box models that makes the manufacturer proud.

Let’s take a look at what makes this post box special against its peers as well as its pros and cons.

Brabantia b100 Features

The following are features of the Brabantia b100 include;

  • Safety lock: Your mails and posts are always kept safe by this post box thanks to the safety lock that features two coded keys. By having two coded keys, you can keep one in another safe location.
  • Dimension: The post box measures 460 mm by 340 mm by 160 mm (HxWxD)
  • Large post box: The post box hardly gets full due to its large size; moreover, it fits large-sized posts.
  • Mounting: It comes with bolts that allow you to safely mount to the wall or pole
  • Letter slot size: 300 mm by 400 mm (WxH)
  • A colour coded newspaper holder; however, it is an optional choice
  • Construction: The body is made from steel
  • Door access: You can access your posts from the front

Now let’s take a look at the pros and cons you get from using the Brabantia b100 post box.

Brabantia b100 Pros

  • Sturdy: It comes with sturdy seals that can withstand any harsh weather. It is also rust proof.
  • Unique design: The opening of the post box is at the front rather than the top, which is different from other post boxes.
  • Good size access: With this Brabantia b100 post box, dropping and picking of posts is super easy.
  • Excellent finish: The body has an anthracite black finish making it look stylish and impressive.
  • Warranty: With Brabantia b100, you get value for your money, as you are offered a 5-year guarantee.
  • Noise dampening material: The interior of the Brabantia b100 is made from a noise dampening material that ensures no noise is produced when you drop your posts.
  • Fixing kit: It comes with a fixing kit with all the screws and bolts you need to mount the post box on the wall quickly.


  • Low-quality fixings: The dowel lengths and screw are not long enough; therefore, installing or mounting it to the wall becomes an arduous task. Moreover, the screws are made from soft metal, and they are easily burred.
  • Narrow slot: The slot entry is not large enough to allow large post sizes to pass through. On top of that, when dropping posts, you may hit your knuckles on the body of the post box.
  • Flat top surface: The top of the post box is flat; therefore, rainwater stays on the post box instead of draining off.





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