Best Fireproof Safe For Home

We acknowledge that a fireproof home safe is a significant expenditure for any household. It’s because they help us to store our precious belongings within our house safe from burglars and fire. With so many electric appliances at our homes, fire occurrence is almost inevitable.

Therefore, having the best fireproof safe for home is essential.

Best Fireproof Safe for Home – Top 5

When it comes to choosing the best fireproof safe, you have to play your cards well. It’s because not just any safe can be termed to be fireproof. Yes, almost all of them might have a certain degree of fire resistance, but they won’t compare to the top fireproof safes.

Due to that, we’ve come up with five best fireproof safes for your home. They include;

  1. Phoenix Titan Fire Security Safe

It’s a fireproof safe designed to meet both domestic and business use. It is tested to the international fire test standards, and hence, provides 60 minutes’ fire resistance or protection for your documents. Nonetheless, it has undergone fire protection for digital media, which also certifies it to provide 60 minutes’ protection for digital media. Other key features include;

  • Security tolerant and small fire safe box
  • Fitted with a high quality key-lock and comes with two keys
  • Equipped with bolts for floor mounting,aps,134&sr=8-51&th=1&linkCode=sl1&tag=wwwecovacuumc-21&linkId=49d54831241ebb90a5f00ee64e4208a9&language=en_GB

  1. SentrySafe Fire and Water Safe

It offers advanced fire protection, and it is UL classified for fire resistance of 1 hour at 1700ºF for records, documents, and valuables from fire damage. Moreover, it is ETL verified to protect memory sticks, CD’s, and other digital media for one hour at 1700ºF. ETL also has verified it to withstand a 15-foot drop during a fire and still stay closed. You’ll also get the following;

  • Water resistance
  • Four live locking bolts
  • Spacious interior
  • Steel construction,aps,142&sr=8-49&th=1&linkCode=sl1&tag=wwwecovacuumc-21&linkId=67e9cd43e8e73d78ef07c053bc17622a&language=en_GB

  1. Rottner Sydney40 Fire Safe

The safe is constructed from dual-wall of steel, which provides industrial strength fireproof resistance. On top of that, it is occupied with fire opposition stone that can provide fire resistance for around 60 minutes. Other key features include;

  • LCD digital lock and twin metal bolts
  • Heavy-duty fireproof safe
  • Tested to LFS 60P standards

  1. Yale Locks YFM-420-FG2 medium safe

Yale is also not left behind in manufacturing fireproof safes. The safe is graded to NT fire 017-60P, which provides 60 minutes of fire resistance. On top of that, you get an insurance rating of £1,000 or £10,000 in valuables. Other essential features include;

  • Digital touch screen keypad with a resettable 3-12 digit pin
  • Master reset code in case of a lockout
  • 2 x 18mm solid steel locking bolts

  1. Master Lock Fireproof Safe

Lastly, the Master Lock fireproof safe is UL classified for fire endurance of one hour at 927 degrees Celsius to protect your records and documents from fire damage. Furthermore, it is ETL verified to withstand a 4 to 5-meter drop during a fire and still remain closed. Additional features include;

  • Programmable lock with backlit keypad
  • Spacious interior
  • Four-live locking bolts
  • Pry-resistant hinge bar
  • Product guarantee of 2 years.

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