Which Type of Safe Should I Buy

If you possess confidential documents that you want to protect from a fire, valuable jewellery that you want to protect from burglars, or ammunition that requires specialized protection, then having a safe can do all these things. When it comes to deciding which type of safe you should buy, then your needs play a significant role. Before going to the types of safe you should buy, let us go through some recommendations that you should consider before choosing your ideal safe. Some of these recommendations include; Size of the safe: This depends on what item you’ll be keeping in the… Continue reading

Secret Compartment Table

Secret compartment tables are now here with us. They are ideal for those who value discreetly hidden storage areas for valuables as well as privacy. Secret compartment tables have become popular over the years as they blend in and accentuates neighboring décor. Nevertheless, they are not conspicuous, and you can hide many of your valuables in front of other people without them noticing anything. On top of that, secret compartment tables combine fun and practicability for people. Nonetheless, they look aesthetically pleasing, and they come in several colour to match any décor style. We’ve tried to come up with a… Continue reading

Yale Digital Electronic Safe

Yale is one of the UK’s most trusted safe brands. The company has been in the key and lock industry for many years. Over the years, the company has gained a high reputation, thanks to their easy to use, secure, and affordable safes that they keep on manufacturing each year. Nevertheless, their safes are ideal for office and home use, which are available with keyed locks and digital combinations. From the digital combinations, the company has manufactured safes branded as Yale digital electronic safe. From the name, you can quickly tell that every operation in the safe is digitized. That… Continue reading

Dudley Safes

In 1982, brothers Jeff and Mike Macefield founded Dudley Safes Limited, which today runs as a family business. The brand has emerged to be one of the country’s leading manufacturers of wall safes, security cabinets, standing cash safes, and underfloor safes. What makes Dudley Safes stand out in the market is its quality. All their products meet the quality assurance requirements. Nonetheless, all their safes have undergone thorough testing and grading per the set UK standards. The manufacturer currently manufactures a range of Euro-rated safes, which are all certified in compliance with Grade 0, Grade 1, Grade 3, Grade 4,… Continue reading

Safe Security Levels

The security level of a safe indicates the extent and type of a safe’s fire safety class and anti-burglary protection. This degree of protection against burglary and resistance against fire is certified by several independent institutions that are recognised throughout Europe. In the UK, the institution responsible for the certification is the European Security Association (ESSA). The certification process used to achieve safe security levels involves carrying out comprehensive tests. In the tests, a wide variety of tools are used to determine factors such as the time a safe can resist break-in attempts, how long can it offer fire protection… Continue reading

Burglar Proof Safe For Home

So you’re looking to purchase a burglar-proof safe for home use? As such, you definitely need an ideal place to stash your priceless art, valuable jewellery, and money, and any other unspeakable treasure that you own. That said you are probably looking for a safe that offers you the Fort Knox style of security that only the financial institutions can offer.  If you really want to safeguard your valuables from burglars, then nothing works better than a burglar-proof home safe. Burglar-proof home safes are reliable enough to keep your items safe in the event of a burglary attack or any… Continue reading

How Are Safes Rated?

If you’re shopping for a safe you’ll probably have seen a variety of different ratings, but one questions that comes up very often is “how are safes rated?” When you are going to buy a safe for your business or home, then the first question that will come into your mind is what are you going to put into the safe, and what are you protecting your valuables from? Just like cars and other mechanical tools and equipment have ratings, safes also come with several ratings. These ratings are an essential description that you must know for you to identify… Continue reading

Eurograde 1 Safe

Eurograde 1 safes are safes that are part of the Eurograde 1 range. These safes are ideal for home-owners and business owners who are looking for industry certified and European-tested safes. Eurograde 1 safes typically have a cash rating of £10,000 and £100,000 on valuables. Nonetheless, a euro grade 1 safe offers you an insurance cover of up to £10,000 on both commercial and domestic use. What sets the Eurograde 1 safes from other safes include the electronic combination, choice of key, and biometric locking options. Nevertheless, the fireproof Eurograde 1 safes are capable of providing up to 129 minutes… Continue reading

Securikey Safes

Since 1973, Securikey has been supplying a comprehensive range of innovative safety and security products to many UK institutions and companies. All their products have met the most precise demands of specifications and assessments. They offer a wide range of security and safety products; however, for today, we’ll focus on their safes. Securikey safes are designed to protect a wide range of valuable items such as money, jewellery, confidential documents, and larger items like mobile phones and power tools. Their safes are designed to cater for both private and commercial clients. On top of that, their products abide by the… Continue reading

AiS Approved Home Safe

Insurance approved safe is an accredited safe that offers a certain level of security to your valuables. The accreditation provided to that safe is after several assessment tests, which are typically carried out by an external body. There are several industries around the globe responsible for carrying out the assessment. In the UK, the agency responsible for accrediting grade levels to safes is the Association of Insurance Surveyors (AiS). The accreditation given by the Association of Insurance Surveyors is what you see as an insurance rating. The whole idea from the assessment to the insurance rating is for the purpose… Continue reading