Buying an Ammunition Safe

It goes without saying that you need to have a secure place for your ammunition. That secure place is an ammunition safe

Why is an ammunition safe important?

Many people ponder if a gun cabinet is an important necessity. Well, if you own a gun then it’s necessary to have an ammunition storage facility just like water, food, and shelter are necessary. Below, are some reasons why an ammunition safe is important.

  • It is not easily accessed – A gun safe provides you with the best safe gun storage at your home. Third parties like children or relatives living with you cannot access your ammunition easily; nonetheless, thieves, also cannot break into your gun cabinet easily.
  • Ammunition safes are fireproof – Ammunition like bullets go off when subjected to high heat. With a fireproof gun safe, this cannot happen.

Ammunition safe – The Top Four

There are a variety of safe manufacturers making ammunition safes, below are a selection of the best. For specialist needs you might want to consider a custom safe

Dirty Pro Tools TM X Large Ammunition Safe

It is a larger model Brattonsound ammo safe suitable for storage of large volumes of ammunition. The safe is built to British standards for gun security. It comes with two keys, a felt base, and a removable shelf. Additionally, it has pre-drilled holes on the inside which give you an option of having it fixed to the floor or wall.

Most of the customers purchasing this safe are impressed by its sturdiness as well as its movable internal shelf and base carpet. Moreover, the ability of splitting the shelf also makes it suit customer’s need well. Some customers also seemed to be impressed by the easy fixings of the safe.

Oypla 10L Key Operated Steel Safe Box Ammunition Security Home Office

It is a safe used for storing important documents, valuable jewellery, ammunition, and other irreplaceable items. It is a strong ammunition safe that features a double bar locking system. The external dimensions are 31 x 20 x 20cm, while its internal dimensions are 30.5 x 19 x 29.5cm. It also comes with a fixing kit for wall or floor mounting.

The best reviews of this safe were all towards its strong sturdy metal chest. The safe’s good locking system was also a favourite among many customers. Moreover, most people suggested it is an ideal ammunition safe for domestic use since it is easy to use it and store anything you want.

Large Ammunition safe, ammo safe, pistol high security

The safe is large and painted olive grey on its body. The dimensions of the safe are 302mm x 302mm x 222mm and it is police approved; therefore, you are getting a guaranteed police approval or your money back.  This ammunition safe comes with a reinforced hinge and an anti-crowbar door system.

Most of the customers purchasing this safe pointed out it being a good little safe for storing a pistol, documents, and ammunition. The reinforced hinge and an anti-crowbar door system was also a huge plus for the safe as customers considered it to be a cracking wee ammo safe.

Dirty Pro Tools TM Ammunition safe gun cabinet ammo safe A103

The safe is built to British standards and has a police approval. It comes with seven lever locks and pre drilled holes that allow you to fix it into the floor or wall with fixing bolts. Nonetheless, it has a felt lining base, which also contributes to the quick fixing of the safe into the floor or wall. Its external dimensions are H 300 x W 300 x D 200mm.

Most of the customers purchasing it were impressed by the large capacity of the safe. Also, the clunking double bolt lock along with the two spare keys was a favourite among many customers. Other best reviews include good looks and excellent robust body.



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