Which Type of Safe Should I Buy

If you possess confidential documents that you want to protect from a fire, valuable jewellery that you want to protect from burglars, or ammunition that requires specialized protection, then having a safe can do all these things. When it comes to deciding which type of safe you should buy, then your needs play a significant role.

Before going to the types of safe you should buy, let us go through some recommendations that you should consider before choosing your ideal safe. Some of these recommendations include;

  • Size of the safe: This depends on what item you’ll be keeping in the safe.
  • Cash rating: This is basically the amount of cash your insurance company will be ready to cover you to hold in your safe.
  • Security rating: The item you will be keeping safe in the safe will help you determine which is the ideal security rating. For instance, if you’ll be storing confidential documents in the safe then a BF rated safe or greater is the perfect choice.
  • Locking mechanism: Here, regardless of the locking system, always go for one that has a backup unlocking option.
  • Fireproof and waterproof: Always go for safes that can offer both as you never know what mother nature can throw to you.
  • Installation: A safe the that comes with a secure fitting and installation is the ideal one.

Now that we have a rough idea of what to consider when purchasing a safe, let’s look at the four types of safes that you should consider purchasing.

  1. Fireproof safes

If you want to prevent confidential documents from going up in smoke, then go for a fireproof safe. These type of safe has the capability of withstanding heat up to 1,700 degrees for 60 minutes. This is more than adequate as many house fire temperatures go up to 600 degrees at eye level and 1,500 degrees near the ceiling. Kindly, remember fireproof safes can easily be broken into; therefore, if your aim is to deter theft, then this type of safe would not sufficient.

  1. Gun safes

These types of safes come in different sizes. That is essential as there are different sizes of guns. For instance, if you have a rifle, then you’ll need a large safe. One of the most vital things to consider when buying a gun safe is the weight of the safe. Go for a safe that is heavy enough as you don’t want it to be carried off with your guns inside.

  1. Anti-burglary safes

If your main reason of purchasing a safe is to deter theft, you’ll probably want an anti-burglary safe. These types of safes come equipped with robust and thick doors as well as strong hinges and bolts used for installing the safe either to the wall or floor. Therefore, that means it takes burglars or intruders a long time to break into them. Remember, the longer it takes to break into, the higher the rating, and consequently, the more secure the safe is.

  1. Data media safes

Lastly, we have the data media safes. These safes are ideal for people who like storing important and confidential information on memory cards, memory sticks, CDs or USB drivers. Digital media can be damaged easily; therefore, they should not be subjected to humidity or high temperatures. Therefore, the fireproof safes will not be the best option here. It’s because they special insulation that ensures the interior of the safe remains cool even in the event of fire. You’ll only get this special insulation feature with the data media safes.

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