Safe Installation

Buying the best home safe to protect your valuables at home or a cheap office safe to keep your confidential documents secure from intruders or nosy colleagues is a wise decision. Depending on your business, your insurance company may even insist on you purchasing an insurance rated safe. Others may specify you purchase the Yale medium fire safe to keep their company’s documents or valuables safe.

As you can see, there are many types of safe that you can use to secure your precious items. However, all these safes will not serve you effectively if they are not installed properly. Safe installation is a vital thing to consider so that your ideal safe can be strategically located either on the floor or wall.

Most of the best home safes that you’ll purchase come with instructions and safe installation fixing kits that guide you to make the proper installation. With these two, safe installation is a simple DIY project. However, if you are not sure of how to go about with safe installation, reach out to experts to help you out.

Safe Installation Tips

For you to successfully install your home safe or the insurance rated safe that your boss wants, the below tips will ensure a successful, safe installation process.

  1. Choose the location for safe installation

Before going further, you should put in mind that you don’t want to advertise safe to any person by your safe. Therefore, ensure the place you are going to install your safe is obscure. In fact, hiding you’re safe also offers added protection to the safe itself. When selecting your spot, always pay attention to the flooring underlayment that you are planning to install your safe.

Furthermore, concrete subfloors are ideal surfaces for safe installation because most of the safes come with fixing kits designed for use with concrete floors. For wood floors, you’ll need special parts like coach bolts for you to have a successful, safe installation process.

  1. Prepare for installation

At this step, gather all the necessary tools and materials listed in the fixing kit’s instruction. After that, clean the location where you are going to install the safe.

Concrete floors

Position your safe into place and open its door. The pre-drilled holes inside the safe will guide you where to drill into the concrete; therefore, take a marker and note the positions. After marking, drill the holes and ensure the holes are of required sizes. Once you are done, pick the raw plugs and place them into the holes. Now take your safe and place at the top.

Wooden floors

When it comes to wooden floors, there are considerations you need to take into account. It’s because wooden floors are a bit weak compared to concrete floors. Therefore, you need to locate a location where there is a floor joist.

Additionally, you’ll need to use coach bolts as they can penetrate through the floor joist. You can use some glue or nuts to secure the safe and make it firm.

With these tips and guidelines, you will successfully install your safe.


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