Safe Cash Rating Explained – All You Need to Know

Safes come in all sizes and shapes, each offering a different level of protection. In the UK, there are plenty of companies that sell simple to high-security safes with different cash ratings. To know what the cash rating is and how can you choose the right cash rated safe, read this article that has everything about the safe cash rating explained.

Safe Cash Rating Explained

The cash rating represents the level of security that a safe will offer in the event of an attack and amount of cash that an insurance company will underwrite and pay out in case of burglary or damage. All safes are tested under harsh conditions based on their resistance and then, categorised into cash ratings. The thickness of the safe walls and the quantity and quality of locks defines each safe’s cash rating. The higher the cash rating, the more secure a safe is!

Cash Ratings – Cash or Valuables

A cash rated safe not only protects your cash, but you may also keep your valuables like jewellery, heirlooms, etc. in them. In case of an event of a burglary, insurers normally give you up to 10 times the cash rating in value for the valuables.

Insurance Coverage

Before purchasing a safe, you should check with your insurer to know how much content will they cover. Remember that the insurer covers the content if safes have been installed correctly as per the recommendations by the safe manufacturers and left properly locked every time.

Different Types of Cash Ratings

Eurograde is a security numbering system, applied everywhere in Europe to high-security safes which are tested for theft and burglary particularly. The EN1143 Eurograde system uses numbers 0 to 6 where each safe has a cash rating. Those who are looking for the best home safe can use Eurograde 0 safe. However, higher Eurograde levels are fit for commercial use.

Below are the Eurograde cash ratings:

  • Eurograde 0: Cash rating: £6,000
  • Eurograde 1: Cash rating: £10,000
  • Eurograde 2: Cash rating: £17,500
  • Eurograde 3: Cash rating: £35,000
  • Eurograde 4: Cash rating: £60,000
  • Eurograde 5: Cash rating: £100,000
  • Eurograde 6: Cash rating: £150,000

Important Choices to Make While Selecting Cash Rated Safe

When it comes to buy cash rated safes, you should make the following choices:

  • Insurance companies mostly require safes with £4,000 cash rating or £40,000 in valuables to cover the content. In the UK, many companies offer this cash rating even if you buy a cheap office safe from
  • Choose cash rated safes containing a plaque inside indicating that it meets the testing in its specific standard.
  • To survive business or home fire, use the Yale medium fire safe that comes with £1000 cash rating and £10,000 valuables.

We hope this article has explained the safe cash rating in the best possible way to help you make the smart decision. Choose the most suitable cash rated safe and secure your cash and valuables from damage now!

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