Brabantia b100

Are you looking for security and class on a post box? Look no further as the Brabantia b100 post comes in a unique design and offers you everything you need in a post box without spending a fortune. Right from 1919, Brabantia has put all the expertise, knowledge, and experience into creating a robust and reliable post box. This starts all the way from the selection of raw materials used in making the post box to the finishing paint used on the body. The Brabantia b100 post box is one of their post box models that makes the manufacturer proud…. Continue reading

Safe Installation

Buying the best home safe to protect your valuables at home or a cheap office safe to keep your confidential documents secure from intruders or nosy colleagues is a wise decision. Depending on your business, your insurance company may even insist on you purchasing an insurance rated safe. Others may specify you purchase the Yale medium fire safe to keep their company’s documents or valuables safe. As you can see, there are many types of safe that you can use to secure your precious items. However, all these safes will not serve you effectively if they are not installed properly…. Continue reading

Safe Cash Rating Explained – All You Need to Know

Safes come in all sizes and shapes, each offering a different level of protection. In the UK, there are plenty of companies that sell simple to high-security safes with different cash ratings. To know what the cash rating is and how can you choose the right cash rated safe, read this article that has everything about the safe cash rating explained. Safe Cash Rating Explained The cash rating represents the level of security that a safe will offer in the event of an attack and amount of cash that an insurance company will underwrite and pay out in case of… Continue reading

Yale Medium Fire Safe

Behind keys, door locks, and safes there is Yale. When it comes to securing doors, windows, essential documents, and any other precious item, Yale got you covered with this best home safe. From Linus Yale who patented the pin tumbler lock that almost every modern lock uses this as their inspiration. That explains the quality of Yale locks. All of their products are perfect and designed to utmost perfection. The brand also supplies safes that guarantee you of improved safety and security over your precious items. Today, we’ll be looking at Yale medium fire safe, which is one of their… Continue reading

Secure your Vital Documents with A Fireproof File Cabinet

Nothing is worse than losing all your crucial files, documents, cash, or valuable assets in the eventuality of a fire and a fireproof file cabinet might be exactly that you need to prevent this happening.  Many people prefer to keep their critical business or personal documents in their offices or homes rather than storing them in banks. Nobody knows when a site will become a victim of a fire attack or any natural disaster. Many times, we are not ready to handle the destruction it leaves behind and end up struggling to recover what was lost. The reality is that… Continue reading

Buying an Ammunition Safe

It goes without saying that you need to have a secure place for your ammunition. That secure place is an ammunition safe.  Why is an ammunition safe important? Many people ponder if a gun cabinet is an important necessity. Well, if you own a gun then it’s necessary to have an ammunition storage facility just like water, food, and shelter are necessary. Below, are some reasons why an ammunition safe is important. It is not easily accessed – A gun safe provides you with the best safe gun storage at your home. Third parties like children or relatives living with… Continue reading

Safe Manufacturers

Safes are innovative inventions that gave rise to most of the modern security devices. The primary use of safes, back in the days, was to save valuables like gold and jewelry. That has not changed even today as many people are using safes to keep valuable items away from thieves. Safes are a lifetime investment; therefore, before purchasing one, it is crucial for you to know some of the top safe manufacturers as well as the types of safes. What you are going to keep in the safe, will help you know the type of safe you need. For you… Continue reading