AiS Approved Home Safe

Insurance approved safe is an accredited safe that offers a certain level of security to your valuables. The accreditation provided to that safe is after several assessment tests, which are typically carried out by an external body. There are several industries around the globe responsible for carrying out the assessment. In the UK, the agency responsible for accrediting grade levels to safes is the Association of Insurance Surveyors (AiS). The accreditation given by the Association of Insurance Surveyors is what you see as an insurance rating. The whole idea from the assessment to the insurance rating is for the purpose… Continue reading

Brabantia Letterbox

When it comes to designing letterboxes, Brabantia gives their customers all they can. The brand has placed all its expertise in developing reliable and robust products that are made to last. If you are looking forward to purchasing a Brabantia letterbox, take a look at their top five mailboxes that you can get from online stores and local shops around you. Brabantia Post-box – Green If you are looking for a big letterbox, then this is the best option for you. It is a large postbox that can hold up to a week’s mail including A4 catalog.  Brabantia did some… Continue reading

Grade 5 Safe

In Europe, there is a system in place known as the Eurograde system. The system is a security numbering system that is used to rate security safes that offer a high level of security to the owner’s cash and valuables. These Eurograde safes are designed to protect your valuables against burglary and theft. The rating of a safe is got by the safe undergoing exhaustive series of tests before being granted a certification known as EN1143 status. There are several grades of safes starting from grade 1 or Eurograde 1 to grade 6 or Eurograde 6. Today, we’ll focus mainly… Continue reading

Best Fireproof Safe For Home

We acknowledge that a fireproof home safe is a significant expenditure for any household. It’s because they help us to store our precious belongings within our house safe from burglars and fire. With so many electric appliances at our homes, fire occurrence is almost inevitable. Therefore, having the best fireproof safe for home is essential. Best Fireproof Safe for Home – Top 5 When it comes to choosing the best fireproof safe, you have to play your cards well. It’s because not just any safe can be termed to be fireproof. Yes, almost all of them might have a certain… Continue reading

Best Home Safe

If you are looking forward to adding an extra layer of security to your home, then consider buying a home safe. By purchasing one, you’ll be protecting your most precious valuables from theft, loss, and damage by fire. Having the best home safe may seem like a normal thing during the day when nothing goes wrong; however, when a dark day comes, and your valuables are in danger, you’ll definitely not regret purchasing one. If you have already made up your mind on buying a home safe, check out these top five home safes along with their features. Best Home… Continue reading

Cheap Office Safe

Security is a priority in workplaces. That’s why we have metal scanners at the entrance of each workplace. It doesn’t end there as there is a need for securing important documents. Due to that, safes found an application in offices. With the many office safes available in the market, it can be overwhelming to land on the right one. And, it’s even arduous when you are looking for a cheap office safe. The following are some of the cheap office safes that will fit in your budget and still keep your important documents safe. Best Cheap Office Safe AmazonBasics Security… Continue reading

Insurance Approved Safe

In the safe industry, several terms can be used that will leave you confused. From cash rating to safe grades, these are just but a few terms used in the safe industry. We already looked into those two in our previous articles; today we’ll talk about insurance approved safe. Just like cash rating and safe grades, insurance approved safe is all about how secure a safe is. Insurance approved safe refers to a safe that is accredited to offer a certain level of security to your valuables for the purpose of the insurance industry. Several industries around the globe can… Continue reading

Best Wall Safe

If you are looking for the best safe to mount on the wall, be it at home or the office, then you are in the right place. When safes were introduced, that was not enough to stop some intruders as some could have the guts to go with safe and later on figure out how to break into it. However, with the introduction of wall-mounted safes, this came to a stop. Several wall-mounted safes are now available in the market. It’s a good thing; however, when it comes to purchasing one, it becomes an arduous thing to do. Worry not,… Continue reading

Safe Grades Explained

Safes have been protecting people’s valuables for years. Today, safes have become the go-to solution for private residences and businesses for the protection of valuables. Despite their popularity, most people have a challenge when it comes to purchasing the safe. There are too many specs to consider. If it is your first time purchasing a safe, you’ll realize there are many codes encrypted on the safe that can be very arduous to understand. One of the codes is a safe grade. What is a safe grade? A safe grade is a term used in the UK that explains the level… Continue reading

What does cash rating mean on safes?

When you are looking forward to purchasing a safe, there are several specs that you should consider. One of the specs that remain to be a puzzle for many safe buyers is the cash rating (in the UK, it is referred to as safe grades). You’ve probably heard people saying that knowing the cash rating of a safe allows you to get the right safe for your needs; moreover, more of your valuables will be covered.  So, what do we mean by cash rating? What is a cash rating? The cash rating of a safe refers to the maximum amount… Continue reading