Brabantia Letterbox

When it comes to designing letterboxes, Brabantia gives their customers all they can. The brand has placed all its expertise in developing reliable and robust products that are made to last. If you are looking forward to purchasing a Brabantia letterbox, take a look at their top five mailboxes that you can get from online stores and local shops around you.

  1. Brabantia Post-box – Green

If you are looking for a big letterbox, then this is the best option for you. It is a large postbox that can hold up to a week’s mail including A4 catalog.  Brabantia did some excellent job with this postbox, which started with making it be a weatherproof letterbox. That means no wet mail during the rainy season. Nonetheless, it comes with a distinct slide for pushing in the mail, which helps in preventing letters from damage while dropping them in the postbox. Other key features include;

  • Noiseless operation with coded security keys
  • Height 455 mm, width 405 mm, depth 187 mm
  • Five years’ guarantee

  1. Brabantia B110 Letterbox

It is an excellent letterbox with a descent size – not too small or too big. It is easy to fix it to the wall thanks to its assembly template that comes along with the letterbox. It comes with two keys; therefore, no need to worry when you misplace one. The postman will always be happy when dropping a mail in this letterbox because it has an ample room for the large documents. On top of that, you’ll get;

  • It’s painted anthracite grey as the body color
  • It’s weatherproof

  1. Brabantia 427664 letterbox

The letterbox is designed from top quality stainless steel plate with a corrosion-resistant, hardwearing polyester coating. The opening is fitted with noise-dampening materials that prevent annoying clattering when a mail is dropped inside. The slot at the top of the letterbox comes with a rainproof flap, which ensures your mails don’t get wet. Additional specs include;

  • Extra security and privacy
  • Opens at the top making it ideal for large items of posts

  1. Brabantia postbox B 560

It is a very sturdy waterproof letterbox that looks very neat thanks to its subtle matt grey finish. It comes with an easy template that guides you on how to install and mount the letterbox.  It’s easy to clean as well as easy to get a post out. With this letterbox, no more worrying about wet mails. Other features include;

  • Body made from stainless steel
  • Easy to mount

  1. Brabantia Post-box – black

It’s a robust and secure letterbox made from a quality, hardwiring, and weather-resistant materials. The top slot opening comes fitted with a rainproof flap, which ensures your mails are dry. The letterbox is suitable for both pole and wall mounting thanks to the included instructions and materials. The mailbox allows storing large items such as mail-order catalogs. Other key features include;

  • Fitted with a cylinder lock along with two coded keys
  • Made from galvanized steel and coated with a durable polyester coating that can withstand harsh weather conditions
  • It has unique noise dampening materials that avoid clatter from incoming posts


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