AiS Approved Home Safe

Insurance approved safe is an accredited safe that offers a certain level of security to your valuables. The accreditation provided to that safe is after several assessment tests, which are typically carried out by an external body. There are several industries around the globe responsible for carrying out the assessment. In the UK, the agency responsible for accrediting grade levels to safes is the Association of Insurance Surveyors (AiS).

The accreditation given by the Association of Insurance Surveyors is what you see as an insurance rating. The whole idea from the assessment to the insurance rating is for the purpose of the insurance rating. All those processes indicate the amount of money an insurance company can cover for valuables or cash stole while being stored in that safe. Therefore, the ais approved home safes, are safes that come with a certain level of insurance approval.

Some of the factors taken into consideration before offering the insurance approval include;

  • Security and complexity of the lock mechanics and bolt
  • The general build quality of the safe
  • Thickness and strength of the walls and doors
  • Resistance against movement

It is also essential to know some of the levels of ais approved home safes along with their cash ratings. They include;

  • £1,000 cash rated safe – £10,000 valuables
  • £4,000 cash rated safe – £40,000 valuables
  • £10,000 cash rated safe – £100,000 valuables
  • £17,500 cash rated safe – £175,000 valuables
  • £35,000 cash rated safe – £350,000 valuables

Now, that we know a bit of approved home safes, let’s take a look at some of the best ais approved home safes that you can get from the market.

  1. Pro First Eurograde 65 Electronic Lock AIS approved Eurograde 1 10k

It is an AiS approved safe that carries the stamp of quality, and it is superb for use within the office or at home. It is a Euro Grade 1 safe that offers 30 minutes of fire resistance. On top of that, it has three-sided strong locking bolts that give it protection from any burglar attack. Additional specs include;

  • Approved by AIS association of insurance surveyors
  • Class A security electronic lock
  • The interior safe comes as standard

  1. Yale YSM/250/EG1 Certified Home Safe

It is a small home safe that comes with an electronic combination lock, £2000 cash insurance rating, and a backup key. Other features include;

  • Can be fixed to wall or floor
  • 22m electronic locking bolt mechanism with reinforced hinges
  • The LCD screen with 3-8 digit pin code

  1. Chubbsafes Primus 45E Grade 1 AIS approved Security Safe

The safe is certified by ECBS for 30 minutes of fire protection. The safe is ideal for commercial, home, and retail. Additional features include;

  • Insurance protected for £10000 cash or £100000 valuables
  • Secured by a high-security electronic combination
  • Comes with base fixings

  1. Dudley Home Safe Heavy 5k

It is an AiS approved safe suitable for both commercial and domestic use. It offers 25 minutes fire resistance and is fitted with a double bitted key lock. Extra specs include;

  • Safe capacity 21 litres
  • External dimension; 400 x 415 x 365 mm (H x W x D), internal dimension; 300 x 315 x 222 mm (H x W X D
  • Key lock

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